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Kia Multi-Point Inspection near Charleston, WV

At Hometown Kia, we the multi-point inspection is a service we provide often, as it gives our customers a detailed overview of the condition key components of their vehicle are in. The Kia Multi-Point Inspection grades a wide variety of mechanisms and components and determines whether they are in good shape, will require attention soon or require immediate attention. The Kia Multi-Point Inspection also involves checking fluids and replenishing if necessary. Are you interested in having a multi-point inspection done on your vehicle near Charleston, WV? Schedule a Kia Multi-Point Inspection at Hometown Kia in Mount Hope, WV today!

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What components are checked during a Kia Multi-Point Inspection?

The Kia Multi-Point Inspection involves one of our OEM-certified technicians inspecting more than 100 components of a vehicle. This gives drivers an idea of which services need to be performed soon and which will need to occur in the foreseeable future. The Kia Multi-Point Inspection includes checking the following components:

Automatic Transmission Fluid Level & Condition (Check and Refill)
Brake Fluid Level & Condition (Check & Refill)
Coolant Recovery Reservoir Fluid Level & Condition (Check & Refill)
Power Steering Fluid Level & Condition (Check & Refill)
Transmission System Level & Condition (Check & Refill)
Window Washer Fluid Level (Check & Refill)
Battery Performance & Terminals
Brake Lines & Hoses & Parking Brake
Clutch Operation (If Equipped)
Drive Belt
Oil and/or Fluid Leaks
Windshield Wiper
Tire Tread and Pressure
Air Filter
Wheel Alignment
Transmission Fluid
Fuel Filter
Engine Oil
Timing Belt
Cabin Air Filter

Schedule Muffler and Exhaust Repair at Hometown Kia

Drivers who notice any of the symptoms listed above are encouraged to schedule a service appointment with the Hometown Kia Service Department so our experienced team of technicians can correct the issues and get your vehicle working in tip-top shape once again! At the Hometown Kia Service Department, we offer a wide variety of automotive services and repairs to address the needs of our clients, so feel free to peruse the services we offer or contact a member of our team by dialing 304-255-1599. We hope to see you soon! Thanks for reading.

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