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Coolant Flush in Mount Hope, WV

One important form of preventative maintenance that should not be skipped is a coolant flush. Coolant serves a key function in keeping a vehicle healthy and running as it should. Coolant is a combination of antifreeze and water and it constantly runs through the engine to help maintain an efficient and safe temperature. Additionally, the mix of antifreeze and water prevents the coolant from boiling or freezing as quickly as water would. Typically, coolant should be flushed every 30,000 miles or three to five years, but model-specific coolant flush intervals are listed in each vehicle’s owner’s manual. Continue reading below to learn about getting a coolant flush in Mount Hope, WV.

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Why does my vehicle need a coolant flush?

After a few years of circulating the engine, the coolant breaks down and cannot work as effectively as it should. It fills with dirt, rust and other particles that can clog the radiator, heater core or other components of the engine. Coolant flushes entail draining the old coolant, flushing the system and replacing it with clean, new coolant. When it comes time to flush your vehicle’s coolant, make sure to schedule service with a trusted technician.

Schedule a Service Appointment in Mount Hope, WV

When it is time to schedule your next coolant flush or service appointment in the Mount Hope, WV area, contact the Hometown Kia Service Department. Our expert staff of technicians has the skills, tools and experience it takes to handle a coolant flush, as well as a variety of other services. If you have any questions about our service department, the services we offer, our service specials or anything else, please give us a call. Service appointments can be scheduled online, at our dealership or by calling our service department at 604-255-1599. We hope to see you soon!

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