2018 Kia Soul vs 2018 Honda Fit

2018 Kia Soul Exterior Driver Side Profile vs 2018 Honda Fit Exterior Passenger Side Profile

Perhaps one of the most recognizable and iconic vehicles to ever grace the Kia lineup, the Soul is a vehicle that will remembered for a long time to come – but it’s not going anywhere. It still represents one of the best options in the subcompact market, competing with subcompact hatchbacks and crossovers alike. We thought we’d see how it measures up to one of its biggest competitors in the former by pitting the 2018 Kia Soul vs 2018 Honda Fit.

To make such a comparison, we’ve built the table below, compiling some of the most pertinent data with which to fill it. The conclusion we’ve come to is that these two vehicles are extremely comparable to one another, but each has its obvious advantages, which we’ll go into below.

2018 Kia Soul


2018 Honda Fit

130 HP Horsepower 130 HP
118 lb-ft. Torque 114 lb-ft.
27 mpg Combined Fuel Efficiency 31 mpg
18.8 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 16.6 cu. ft.

Advantages of the 2018 Soul

The first two rows depict power, which is where the two subcompact vehicles are the most similar. In terms of horsepower, the Kia Soul and Honda Fit are identical at 130 horsepower, though the Soul does offer an extra four pound-feet of torque. That difference would hardly be noticeable, however, so they might as well be powered by identical engines.

The differences and obvious advantages kick off in the third row, where we look at fuel efficiency. On the highway and through city streets combined, the Honda Fit gets an extra four miles to the gallon on average. While that might not be a game-changing advantage, it will translate to quite a bit of savings in the long run. But the Kia Soul fires back with a hefty advantage of its own, offering an extra 2.2 cubic feet of space with which to fill your stuff.

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