2018 Kia Sedona Mount Hope WV

2018 Kia Sedona Mount Hope WV Exterior Front Profile

For nearly two decades, the Kia Sedona has made a great option in the minivan segment despite that class’s struggles. There might not be as many minivans as there once were, but we’re confident that the sleek and stunning Kia Sedona would be one of the best options available even if the minivan heyday was still in effect. This year, the 2018 Kia Sedona in Mount Hope WV is available and we’re proud to offer this people-mover to residents of the area!

Once again, very little has changed for this model year as the Sedona is doesn’t need to change much. It underwent a pretty substantial overhaul just a couple of years ago, and it’s still going strong from that. As long as you like modern style, versatile space and plenty of great features inside and out, the Kia Sedona is the right vehicle for your family.

Specs & Features of the 2018 Sedona

How about we start with the most obvious questions… what does it offer in terms of power and space? Power and space are arguably the most important aspects of a vehicle like this, as you want to make sure the vehicle is going to be able to handle the weight of multiple people and/or plenty of cargo, and you want to make sure you’ll have enough room for all of them and/or all of it. The 2018 Sedona offers 33.9 cubic feet behind the back row of seats alone. Drop those seats down to open up 78.4 cu. ft., and drop down the middle row to open up an even more impressive 142.0 cu. ft. As for power? How does 276 horsepower alongside 248 pound-feet of torque sound?

Now, let’s dive into some of the great features that make the 2018 Kia Sedona such a fantastic option for your family. Comfort is obviously pretty important in a vehicle like this, as there’s a good chance you’ll be packing in for a bit of long-distance driving. The Sedona was designed with luxury in mind, as each row maximizes leg room, and even offers footrests in the middle seats. Comfort is enhanced by available features like Retractable Sunshades on the two back rows’ windows, or Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control which lets you, the front passenger and the back passengers each set the climate you want.

These specs & features are only giving you a small taste of what’s possible in the 2018 Kia Sedona. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like to learn even more, of if you’d like to slide behind the wheel of one for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!

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