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By Product Expert | Posted in Service, Tips and Tricks on Friday, May 14th, 2021 at 8:12 pm
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The exhaust and muffler are very important components in each vehicle. The gas and carbon monoxide created by the engine is funneled through the exhaust system, while the muffler helps keep the sound of the engine’s valves and pistons quiet. When there is a problem with the muffler and exhaust system, there are several symptoms that let the driver know. Continue reading below to learn how to identify problems with the muffler and exhaust system and schedule an exhaust and muffler service appointment at Hometown Kia!

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How to Identify Problems with Muffler and Exhaust System

There are several symptoms that indicate when something is wrong with a vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system. Check out five ways to identify when and exhaust and muffler need service below!

  1. There are cracks and/or holes in the exhaust and muffler system.
  2. The vehicle’s cabin smells like foul gas and fumes.
  3. The engine makes loud roaring noises when the gas is pressed.
  4. Fuel economy and power output decreases.
  5. The engine overheats or misfires.

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Schedule a Service Appointment at Hometown Kia

If you notice any of the symptoms listed above occurring on your vehicle and want to schedule a service appointment near Mount Hope, WV, feel free to do so at Hometown Kia! Our dealership’s service center has the experienced staff of technicians and the equipment necessary to identify problems and make the repairs necessary to get your vehicle back in tip-top shape once again. Feel free to schedule a service appointment online or by contacting our team over the phone at 844-458-3478. We hope to see you soon!