What is Uvo eServices?

By Product Expert | Posted in Kia Technology on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 at 6:10 pm
4 great things about Kia Uvo eServices_o

4 great things about Kia Uvo eServices

Uvo eServices is a Voice-activated infotainment and telematics system created by Kia for Kia cars. The word, Uvo is short for your voice. Maybe a better way to say is that UVO eServices arms you with information to get more value out of your vehicle. And it does so without requiring a subscription to a monthly data plan. Here are 4 great things about Kia Uvo eServices. 

In 2010 Kia came out with a Microsoft powered voice activated media controller system that operates the ride’s infotainment options like HD radio, CD player and digital jukebox. It has voice-recognition technology – make hands free calls, on iPhone or android format, and manages your music library. Among other things – customers can also request a customized maintenance schedule from Uvo. Your Kia will formulate it by adjusting the factory maintenance schedule based on the performance data for your vehicle.

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Parking Minder

This is an awesome feature that shoots the location of your Kia straight to your smartphone. Not only does it give you the coordinates but it lets you snap pictures of the area around your car for reference. And as if that isn’t snazzy enough- you can even set an alarm on your phone to let you know when your parking meter is up! When it comes time to go back to your car, you will be guided by an app that displays your location and the vehicle’s location on a map.

911 Connect

To say this feature is lifesaving would not be an exaggeration. If airbags deploy in your Kia, the Uvo system’s crash notification function will alert emergency services of your location. You have 10 seconds to cancel the alert, otherwise the system will call a 911 dispatcher.

Car Care Web

Ever want to have your favorite service technician riding shotgun with you? Well, now you can, sort of. The Kia vehicle has a number of sensors embedded throughout it. These sensors access maintenance and vehicle diagnostic information and relay the data to your smartphone. You’ll know just when you need to bring your vehicle in for service or maintenance. It can also keep track of mileage and driving patterns which might be especially helpful if you have a teenager in the house.

No fees

This might be the greatest thing about Uvo, there are no fees and no contracts. You can have smartphone and in-vehicle connectivity at no charge. It’s just part of what makes owning, or leasing, a Kia so great!

If you’d like to learn more about Uvo or get a better understanding of how it can make your life easier with features like diagnostics, navigation, emergency assistance, Parking Minder and My Car zone just stop by and see us.