This full-size sedan is tastefully appointed for a sophisticated presence inside and out. In the Cadenza you will be the envy of the town with its sleek body styling and technology options that offer a luxurious driving experience. Even the sedan's seating options feel luxurious with supple leather trim as a standard feature.

2018 Cadenza
2017 Cadenza
2017 Cadenza
2016 Cadenza
Kia Forte Hometown Kia


Good things come in small packages with the Kia Forte. Its compact size allows for easy maneuvering through city streets and fitting into tight parking paces while is well-appointed interior provides drivers with a number of convenience and connectivity features. As is expected of a compact sedan, drivers also get a high fuel economy as well.

2019 Forte
2018 Forte
2017 Forte
2016 Forte
2019 Forte vs Toyota Corolla
2018 Forte vs Hyundai Elantra
Kia Forte5 Hometown Kia


In the Forte5, drivers can have all of the great features found on the Forte plus additional cargo space. The hatchback has that extra trunk space drivers want, that is easily accessible along with a highly efficient engine and advanced infotainment and connectivity options. If you want a versatile and compact car, the Forte5 is for you.

2018 Forte5
2017 Forte5
Kia K900 Hometown Kia


The K900 is the epitome of luxury. By definition the word luxury is "the state of great comfort," which is exactly what you get with the K900. Inside and out, this sedan is fitted with state-of-the-art features that are elegant and sophisticated with only the best in regards to craftsmanship and materials. In the K900 you can have the best of everything Kia has to offer.

2019 K900
2017 K900
2016 K900


The Kia Niro is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about vehicles in the industry, as it’s a subcompact crossover that happens to be one of the most efficient on the road! Already breaking records, the new Niro looks to continue turning heads for years to come, and we look to continue making it available to all of you!

2019 Niro
2018 Niro Hybrid
2018 Niro Plug-in Hybrid
2017 Niro Hybrid
2018 Niro Hybrid vs Ford C-Max Hybrid
Kia Optima Hometown Kia


You can be a trendsetter in the Kia Optima with its advanced technologies and innovative styling that redefine the parameters of what it means to be a midsize sedan. This Kia raises the bar for every other vehicle in its segment, offering drivers superior style features and a well-connected driving experience. Its no wonder the Optima is Kia's best-selling nameplate.

2019 Optima
2018 Optima
2017 Optima
2016 Optima
2019 Optima vs Hyundai Sonata
2018 Optima vs Toyota Camry
Optima Hybrid Hometown Kia

Optima Hybrid

Engineered for efficiency but designed for style, the Optima Hybrid has all of the hybrid technologies for an eco-friendly drive in addition high aesthetic appeal. To maximize efficiency, the Optima Hybrid's body has curves and airflow vents for increased aerodynamics and to maximize style it features exclusive seating options.

2018 Optima Hybrid
2017 Optima Hybrid
Kia Rio Hometown Kia


This subcompact will definitely surprise you with all of its great features and amenities. The Rio's size and engine offer drivers high levels of fuel economy and its interior offers more technological options than ever before. When you drive the Kia Rio, you can experience advanced performance in addition to innovative conveniences.

2018 Rio
2017 Rio
2016 Rio
2018 Rio vs Hyundai Accent

Rio 5-door

If you find yourself a fan of the Kia Rio, but are in need of a bit more space… fear not, that’s what the Rio 5-door is for. Offering all of the same great things that the Kia Rio does, the Rio 5-door adds a cargo door and all of the extra space that something like that usually encompasses, making it an excellent subcompact hatchback option.

2018 Rio 5-door
2017 Rio 5-door
2017 Rio 5-door vs Nissan Versa Note


Versatile and family-oriented, the Kia Sedona has cargo space, ample seating, technology features and high levels of performance to offer families on the go. Additionally, parents can rest easy with the minivan's innovative safety features. Year after year the Sedona is awarded for it family-friendly safety features and it extensive list of amenities.

2019 Sedona
2018 Sedona
2017 Sedona
2016 Sedona


SUVs are great vehicles to have, especially when it’s the Kia Sorento. With the Sorento drivers get the interior and cargo space they need with a variety of advanced technologies and a high weight towing capacity. Drivers couldn't ask for more in this well-appointed SUV, the Kia having a range of safety features in addition to its functional elements.

2019 Sorento
2018 Sorento
2017 Sorento
2016 Sorento
2019 Sorento vs Hyundai Santa Fe
2018 Sorento vs Hyundai Santa Fe
2017 Sorento vs Honda Pilot


Stylish, practical and with fun to drive performance features, the Kia Soul is the ultimate crossover vehicle. With it drivers can enjoy high levels of fuel economy, a spacious interior and interior and exterior options to customize the Soul to fit their personality. For an expressive driving experience choose the Kia Soul.

2019 Soul
2018 Soul
2017 Soul
2016 Soul
2018 Soul vs Honda Fit
2017 Soul vs Jeep Renegade
Kia Soul EV Hometown Kia

Soul EV

The stylish Kia Soul has been taken to new heights with the Soul EV. Now drivers can experience the personalized crossover with an eco-friendly twist. Fitted with state-of-the-art charging features and technologies, you won't want to miss out on this limited availability Kia.

2016 Soul EV
Kia Sportage Hometown Kia


The Kia Sportage is built to take on all of life's adventures from the daily commute to weekend excursions. With an exceptionally bold appearance and practical interior, the features of the Sportage are combined to create one amazing CUV. The Sportage offers drivers both functional seating and a variety of style features.

2019 Sportage
2018 Sportage
2017 Sportage
2016 Sportage
2019 Sportage vs Chevy Equinox
2018 Sportage vs Hyundai Tucson
2017 Sportage vs Hyundai Tucson


For the first time ever, Kia has built a performance-oriented sports car, and it’s absolutely incredible. Offering many of the great things that you’ve come to expect from a Kia sedan but with a heavy dose of extra power and performance features, the Stinger makes an excellent option for both the casual sporty driver and the lead-foot racer, too.

2019 Stinger
2018 Stinger
2018 Stinger vs Ford Focus RS