Why do you need to get an oil change?

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Why do you need to get an oil change?

There are few basic maintenance tasks that should be done fairly regularly to keep a vehicle in top running condition. Tire rotations, windshield wiper replacements, and oil changes are just a few of these. Each of one is very important. But why do you need to get an oil change? While unbalanced tires could cause car shaking, and worn-out windshield wipers will stop clearing your windshield, it can be harder to notice if your oil needs to be changed. However, this is a very important basic maintenance piece.

What does oil do in an engine?

three small containers of engine oil and a red funnelThere are a lot of moving parts in an engine, and the engine oil makes sure that all of these parts can move smoothly without scrapping or wearing on each other more than necessary. As most engines run, the oil will get dirty with small bits of metal, dust, or gunk from the engine. Some engine models can also burn off oil, or even have a slow leak. You need to get a regular oil change to keep your engine running smoothly and with the minimum of wear and tear. Definitely get your engine oil changed before your engine oil pressure warning light goes off!

How often should I get the oil changed on my Kia?

The recommended frequency of oil changes on your Kia vehicle will depend on the vehicle, the engine, and the driving conditions. For example, a new 2017 Kia Optima SX Turbo needs an oil change approximately every 6,500 miles in regular driving conditions (a mix of city and highway driving and normal temperatures). That drops to every 3,000 miles in severe conditions (nothing but stop-and-go driving, possibly towing, and extreme heat or cold). A 2014 Kia Optima of the same trim has a recommended oil change interval of 5,000 miles.

Where can I find my Kia maintenance schedule?

Does this seem confusing? You can check the maintenance frequency for your Kia vehicle in your owner’s manual, or by using our convenient online Kia maintenance menu. If you are still confused and live near Fayette County in West Virginia, feel free to make a service appointment to visit us here at Hometown Kia in Mount Hope! We would be happy to help you with all your Kia maintenance needs!

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  1. Jeffrey Colon says:

    A small number of things are swearing an oath to extend the longevity of the automobile. However, keeping pace with the oil change regimen is unquestionably one of them. The oil change is an inexpensive maintenance affair that helps significantly in minimizing the risk of engine trouble for the whole life-expectancy of the intermediary. This is what defines the true meaning of preventive aftercare. Since oil break down is inevitable, instead of thinking about the significance of oil change, you should fix a service appointment with the automotive professional to perform the oil change assignment effectively and keep your motor vehicle safe for regular use.

  2. Janet Chua says:

    Engine oil plays a vital role in a vehicle. It lubricates different moving parts of the engine and reduces friction generated due to the rubbing of different moving components in an engine. It also absorbs the heat created due to this friction and there by it prevents overheating of the engine. But as time passes on, oil becomes less lubricated as it gets contaminated with dirt, dust and debris from the environment. Therefore it is needed to replace the engine oil at a specific time interval as recommended by the owner’s manual.

  3. Eva robinson says:

    Lubricants like engine oil used in the vehicle to reduce the friction and ensure smoother movement of various components. However, such lubricants degrades in time due to the generation of extreme heat and physical force exerted by different components of the vehicle, hence needs to be replaced with suitable substitutes. However, one should ask experienced professionals to provide proper guidance for oil change.

  4. Emma Megan says:

    Engine oil acts as a lubricant which lubricates the different moving parts of the engine. It also helps to move the engine parts smoothly without scrapping or wearing on each other unnecessarily. It also absorbs the heat generated due to friction produced by rubbing of different moving components in an engine and there by prevents overheating of the engine. But as time passes engine oil gets contaminated with small bits of metal, dust and gunk from the engine. Therefore it becomes necessary to replace the engine oil. If you want to replace the engine oil of your car, you may refer to:

  5. Karen Plunkett says:

    I am glad to know the role of the engine oil in the performance of the vehicle. It lubricates different components of the engine to reduce the friction among adjacent components. However, the ability of the lubrication of the engine oil reduces with time due to the combined effects of temperature and deposition of debris. Use of such lubricant could affect the performance of the engine which needs to be replaced with suitable alternatives according to the owner’s manual. Have a look at https://www.petesinc.com/german-auto-oil-change/

  6. Belinda says:

    Have a 2018 Kia, with 3,910 miles, just asking should I change oil every 5.000 miles with synthetic oil, even if it a new car, bought it at
    9,000 miles ??????

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